Fall Table Decor

Fall Table Decor This past weekend we had my son’s baptism and hosted a brunch at the house afterwards. Since we recently just finished Halloween, yet Thanksgiving is just around the corner, what a perfect way to decorate a table than with an Autumn theme and left over pumpkins. I have seen several local florists and Pinterest posts about making floral centerpieces with pumpkins. I…

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Pumpkin Patch Round Up

Hey Tulsa Moms and Families!!!! It’s fall in Oklahoma although it doesn’t always feel like it. And I am here to give you the down and dirty on all the Pumpkin Patches around town! It’s so overwhelming to figure out where and when you need to go, and most importantly what to expect. If your kids love pumpkin patches as much as mine do, you…

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A Gathering Place for Tulsa

The Gathering Place is a new privately funded park opening in Tulsa on September 8th, 2018. The price tag for this $465 million park was funded primarily by the George Kaiser Foundation, with donations by many other local businesses and individuals.  The park will be donated to Tulsa River Parks but be run as a separate entity funded by its own endowment.  This is going to…

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Oklahoma Aquarium Birthday Party

Tulsa, OK was so blessed when the Oklahoma Aquarium was built. We had Sadie’s second birthday here 2 years ago in their shark room and absolutely loved it. They wall off the upper area above the shark exhibit and you have a private room with great views for an hour. When John became super into turtles this year I knew this would be a great…

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Family Picture Time

I actually like the planning process of taking family pictures. It means taking a quick peek in everyone’s closet and then heading over to target or oldnavy.com. I usually have a piece in mind as a starting point. Usually that piece is something fun for Sadie to wear and then after that I coordinate everyone’s outfits from the one piece. Without being “too matchy,” finding…

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House Renovation Update


Remember when we bought a new house in September? And I was begging Russell to be in by Christmas? HA. Fourth of July coming up, still living with my parents. Granted, we need to be thankful we don’t have 2 mortgages and that our other house sold so fast and that took a lot of time to get that house up to par with 2 toddlers, dogs, 4 fish, and intermittent new and dying snails. So to be honest we didn’t even start the new house until AFTER Christmas. But one of the reasons I wanted to start a blog was to document our home renovation and so now that we are finishing up I should probably start this.

What started as remodel of the kitchen and bath has obviously extended to an entire first floor remodel taking everything down to the studs. Moving bathrooms, taking out and adding walls and making this our forever home. We are so excited to get moved in.

Here are some pictures of before.


The house had a really funky brick tile that we did not hate but could not see making it work while we updated the rest of the house. So it got tore up. Then the kitchen was a galley kitchen with pantry in the adjacent laundry room. So we had to get the pantry moved into the kitchen and open up that wall. So much easier to take a wall out on HGTV. Its ALWAYS a load bearing wall. That’s what is frustrating about HGTV. There is one day of demo, one day of problem solving, and then the next day they are installing floors and cabinets and then they move in.


Demo DAY!!!!


The removal of the load bearing wall above. Makes it look easy in 3 simple pictures.


Cabinets arrived….

Then flooring, sorry for the dust.

Now we initially tried to contract this out, but my husband has a background in construction and works for a construction company. And as the costs kept going up and the budget quadrupled, we couldn’t take any more of the unexpected costs and my husband had to take over the brunt of the work. Thus the extended timeline got longer and his evenings are now spent sawing, nailing, painting, and organizing sub-contractors. While my job is to just search everything on pinterest, stress over decisions, make them, and then bring them to him to get vetoed.

We will be getting into painting cabinets, countertop and back splash install in the next couple weeks and hopefully moved in the first week of July. Then slowly working on making it our forever home with furniture and finishing touches. I will most more on specifics and each room individually but enough of an update for now!