About Me


Heyyyy! Thanks for checking out my site! My name is Sarah, and I am a mom of two, wife, Nurse Practitioner, and now, new blogger! I love my family and friends, and am thankful for them daily. I also enjoy shopping online (or in the store, that’s just not realistic for me). I am a lover and connoisseur of boxed wine, I see you BotaBox Redvolution and Dry Rose, you go with your bad self. I love to work out and have lost 30 lbs at Pure Barre South Tulsa, holla! The similar interests I share with my daughter include rainbows, sparkles, and unicorns. My spirit animal is a slow, smiling, and sleepy sloth. I am a moderate hippy and love trying to find natural and organic solutions for my family. Give me all the Thieves. My favorite word is dammit and I love guacamole and Diet Coke.

Please bear with me as I navigate this new adventure. I love to write and lets be honest, who are you today if you don’t have a side hustle? This is most likely part of a mid life crisis where I feel the need to step out of my social comfort zone, I’m normally pretty awkward. So I’d love your feedback and advice as I start this really broad blog but hopefully I’ll find a great niche that’s fits me. Lets get it started! Boom.