July 21, 2019

3-Rex Dinosaur Party

This post was a collaboration with Reasor’s Foods but all opinions are my own.

Some of our best friends were in the process of moving when their son was turning 3. They were staying with us for a bit and she asked if we could do a small dinosaur party. Absolutely! But I don’t do anything small, especially when it involves a theme, and a kids birthday party!

I began perusing Pinterest and 3-Rex comes up and it is genius so whoever came up with that, round of applause. I found some of the cutest decorations at Target and used my theme based off of that.

Target Dinosaur Party Decorations can be found here.

I always use Reasor’s here in Tulsa for my cakes and cupcakes. They are so delicious and affordable. I contacted them to see if they would want to collaborate with me on this party and they sent me to Reasor’s at 41st and Yale and I met with the baker Amber. I showed her some of the ideas and she came up with the most perfectly coordinated dinosaur themed desserts.

I mean those Cookie’s matched the napkins exactly! And the precious ombre green cake turned out beautifully. People were having seconds and thirds. I really enjoy doing a smaller cake and then cupcakes and cookies so that you can appeal to everyone’s tastes. Or if you are like some of the Uncles at the party you get one of each. Which is okay too. The final desert table turned out beautifully. One dozen cupcakes start out at $7.99, the more detail you want it will increase from there but you can always had your own toppers. Or just coordinate colors by adding appropriately colored sprinkles to save on cost. An 8 inch round cake is $17.99 like the one pictured here. If you want more detail as well it will increase in price but this was simple. Cookies are 50 cent each for iced cookies, if you want personalized or decorative like the ones we had depending on detail will increase per cookie. But overall you can keep the cost down significantly by using simple designs with your color theme. Then maybe splurge on the decorative cookies.

Reasor’s also has a floral department so while I am placing my bakery order I usually swing by the floral department and see if they can make me something with in stock seasonal flowers that coordinate with the party. They can do this easily without breaking the bank as well. I loved how our bouquet turned out!. Thank you so much!!!

I did some more tropical garland above the dessert table and then hung some fake vines down from amazon. And you can buy the 16 inch mylar letter and number balloons from amazon as well to personalize for your party.

On to the rest of the food…. the birthday boy wanted hot dogs, well that’s easy. So back to Pinterest for some good ideas.

Stega chips, dino bones prezels, dino claws bugles, herbivore vegetable plate, tropical vines Twizzlers, then Mama gets tired and its almost party time and just comes up with Dino Fruit. Y’all, its fine, its a good label. It works. Moving on.

Everyone knows I love me some balloons. And love making balloon garland. So I decided to make the photo booth with just balloons as the background and it turned out awesome! You can buy your balloons from any party store or amazon often has them in themed colors. Check out this package from amazon that includes the strip and the balloons! You made need some additional balloons if you would do a whole wall but this is a great deal.

This adorable Mylar Dinosaur Balloon is from Target for $5.99. They also have some latex balloons that say Rawr with prints for $1.99.
Got these cute photo props from Amazon and everyone had a great time taking pictures.

I had the birthday boy shirts and family shirts made from Etsy. Birthday boy 3-Rex Shirt here. Mamasaurus shirt here. Sister Saurus onesie here. Dad’s shirt from Amazon, Don’t Mess with Dadasaurus You’ll Get Jurasskicked linked here

These kids are still at the age where an egg hunt is the best time. So I got mini dinosaurs and shoved them into some left over plastic Easter eggs that were totally not still out in my house… We mad them paleontologists with hats, and I found these cute dinosaur feet that go over shoes at Hobby Lobby which just made them searching for eggs amusing. A few Dollar Store Buckets and Dollar Store stickers to personalize the buckets and we were on our way! Searching for dinosaur eggs was so fun!

It’s fine don’t pay attention to the kids that are crying. They were fine. They just wanted to hold their Mom’s hands. And their Moms just wanted a picture of the kids with out being attached to their sons hip his entire life. Ahhh Mama’s boys. We love them though.

We decorated the mantle with some fun decor from Hobby Lobby and added another roar balloon garland. Also, is it Rawr or Roar. I’m thinking Roar. I’ll do an Instagram Poll.

Hilarious story. After getting the birthday family shirts I decided my kids should have dinosaur shirts too. But it was too late to order any for Sadie so I ran to Old Navy, no dinosaur shirts in the girl section. Went to the boy section and found the cutest Triceratops shirt and was like score. I got home and explained it was a boy shirt but it was so cute and Triceratops were my favorite dinosaur cause they say Sarah in the name. 10 minutes later I hear Dad say, cute Rhino shirt Sadie….pause…DANGIT! How did I SCREW THAT UP? So if you are in the market for a cute unisex rhino shirt check out the link here. Face palm.

This tropical table runner from World Market is perfect all summer long for your table covering. It just happened to go well with the tropical dinosaur theme. These little resin Dinosaurs are also from Hobby Lobby. These glimmer string lights are on clearance from Pier 1 and I love them! They also come in the cutest palm leaves.

We truly had the best time with family and friends. A big thank you to Reasor’s for the collaboration and for surpassing all my expectations on the cake and desserts. You will always have my party business. I hope you enjoyed the post!

Now off to finally take that 3-Rex sign down…. 2 weeks…later……

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