April 23, 2019

Unicorn Birthday Party

Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas

We had so much fun at Sadie’s Unicorn themed 5th birthday! Just going to share some quick pictures of the day and some suggestions on hosting a Unicorn party!!

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I had Russell make me a photo booth backdrop out of PVC pipe. I can do a post on that later. We love to host parties and I wanted to be able to have a cute area for pictures that would be mobile and easily interchangeable depending on theme.

Here we just used a shower curtain (link here) and some curtain clips to hang it over the pipe. Curtains work a little bit better because you can get ones that slide directly on to the pipe and you can buy them in a longer length. Unicorn garland with gold unicorns and pom poms is from amazon. And the tassel garland is from target. Oriental Trading had the cutest reversible headbands in a huge multipack for party favors but currently out of stock but still linking if they come back in stock.

Mom shirt->here, and Dad’s -> here.

I love balloons. I love the new theme of having balloon arches and decor at a party. I think for a relatively cheap price it adds so much dimension and pizzazz to the party. I’ve heard some professional balloon companies charge up to $25 for 1 foot of balloons which would have made this arch impossible to afford.

I use this balloon strip to add the balloons to. The hardest part is blowing up and tying all the balloons. If you are doing this all by yourself I would go ahead and turn on some Netflix and put some athletic tape or duct tape over your two fingers you are repeatedly using the balloons to tie. Order this balloon pump. Grab all your balloons, amazon has a great selection and you can order multi packs or just the colors you need. I usually get 3 sizes, 12 inch9 inch, and 5 inch. Amazon has some really pretty pastel balloons in different sizes as well but these are a bit darker and are from Party City. Start pumping up all the colors you want to use on the strip in all the different sizes. Then its just about sitting on the cough and pumping balloons and tying on repeat. You can put some on the strip to see and judge about how many you will need total. You pull the end of the balloon through one of the holes and repeat. They do not have to all be facing the same direction and you don’t need to do every hole if the balloons are bigger you will run out of space. They sort of just naturally find a place. You can buy glue dots if you want to add more depth but I just used the strip in this garland. I did this in two different strips so that it would be able to turn easier on the stairs and then just secured with string. Turned out way better than expected. We had someone here making balloon animals and they thought it was professionally done. Yessss, high-five self.

We also love doing balloon drops for our parties. The kids absolutely LOVE it. Its a lot of work to fill up all the balloons for 1.7 seconds of pure joy. But totally worth it.

I absolutely love how the dessert area turned out!

This unicorn wall decal is under $13 dollars from Amazon and worth every penny! This would even be so cute up in a room permanently! The only problem is the flowers do not come put together. Face palm at 11 pm the night before the party. So you have to get out the glue gun or use the glue dots they provide and stick all the petals together and then hang. Add some paper fans to the sides for more dimension.

I decided to cover our dark brown buffet with just some cheap table cover (can get at the dollar store) and skirt and then added some tassels for some more color.

We used Reasor’s Bakery here in Tulsa. We love them for birthday parties. They make the best cake and cupcakes with the best icing especially for the price. You cannot go wrong with whipped or buttercream. They already had a standard unicorn cake in their look book so I had them change out the bright colors for pastels and make coordinating cupcakes as well. We made some rainbow Rice Krispie treats using  Fruity Pebbles mixed in.

You can get individual letter balloons at Target for $2 each. We used some decorations from her already partial unicorn themed room to decorate the mantle.

Goodie Bags were a collection of unicorn themed items from Oriental Trading Company, Target, and Party City. Every year we stamp Sadie’s hand and foot and decorate according to her birthday theme and then have everyone that comes sign the paper. Don’t think I’m all Mom of the year though because I forget John’s EVERY time. Poor second child.

Sadie’s dress was a Trish Scully Unicorn dress linked here. There is a knock off one on Zulily right now but those deals come and go. Thank you so much to our family and friends who came out to help us celebrate. We had the best time. And if you don’t have a goat dressed up as a unicorn for a birthday party, is it even really a party?

Hope you enjoyed this post! Now off to inspect the couch where the unicorn goat left us a small present in the size of round brown balls. So much for pooping rainbows.

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