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I started this blog as sort of a mid life crisis to do something different with my life. I was, and am not planning on doing a whole lot of medical posts because this is kind of my escape from that. However, I want to share with you some of my favorite ways to fight off colds, infections, and all those nasty germs. I am surrounded by sickness 24/7. From my sick patients to my children bringing  home germs from two separate schools, sometimes it feels like we can never catch a break.  I also want to make it clear that I am in no way healthy all the time. When you tell a patient to open wide and say “ahhh” and then they cough in your face and it feels like slow motion as a droplet flies from their mouth and lands in your eye. And you’re standing there trying not to blink, considering putting hand sanitizer in your eye….and then you realize, nope, it’s already entered your body. Get ready. Or you finally got your snotty nosed kid to sleep on your chest, and you dare not lie them down, so you gently try to lean the recliner back to get a little shut eye and that triggers a cough and sneeze and all those tiny germs gently land on your face…but you’re to far from the wipes…so that’s how its going to be. Its in these times that we need the following helpful items to give us any chance of all. So order these bad boys and have them on hand, the sooner you can start fighting off viruses the better chances you will have for less duration and severity of symptoms.

In addition to the obvious, wash your hands, stay hydrated, get your flu shot, and eat a balanced diet. When you feel that tickle in your throat or you start sneezing, make sure you are ready!

Sambucol Black Elderberry Tablets

I love Elderberry. It is one of the strongest berries that helps support immune function and is a great antioxidant. To me these tablets are the most convenient. You can buy them from amazon here. The syrup may be more natural and better, but it is sticky and the mess it made it my refrigerator eliminated it from future purchases. As soon as you feel that cold coming on start popping these under your tongue a few times a day and you should feel better quicker. I give these to my kids too! If they are under 2, I would recommend a 1/2 tab but they dissolve and taste great too!

Next up, my absolute FAVORITE secret weapon.

Xylitol Nasal Spray

Sure, saline sprays are great, they keep your nasal passages moist, and moist nasal passages prevent irritants from adhering. But this product is a MUST HAVE. Xlear Nasal Spray can be purchased here on amazon. Go ahead and order a few for different members of the family. I have about 7 bottles of this around the house for myself, hubby, and the kids. Xclear has xylitol in it (yep kinda like the natural sweetener) and its benefits are OFF DA CHAIN. Xylitol is a natural occurring substance but helps the body fight off bacteria, pollutants, and irritants before the enter your body. It is so soothing on your sinuses and really helps prevent those contaminants from ruining your life. This also great for allergy sufferers at cleaning away pollutants and allergens so some of you may need this daily. You are welcome.

This product is totally safe to use on kids and even babies. If you have a a wee one in day care this spray can help tremendously helpful at keeping nasal passages clear and has even been reported to prevent ear infections! Prevent, not cure, see your Pediatrician if you need to!

Now if you can’t get your child to do a nasal spray, keep trying, let them play with the bottle and waste a few sprays so they can see its not totally terrifying. I have one who loves to do it themselves. And the other one says, “my turn” then runs screaming in the opposite direction. So for these ones, there are still ways to get xylitol.


If your child is old enough to chew gum, Spry gum can be found here on amazon. This gum is great to provide moisture to the mouth if you suffer from dry mouth. It is helpful in preventing cavities. But since the whole airway is connected this may be a good way to get some xylitol into your respiratory system.

Zollipops are a must have in your house! These were initially created by a child who wanted to create a healthy Lollipop. And that she did. It reduces acidity, increases pH which helps with cavity prevention. But the xylitol may help with your child’s sore throat or with the drainage in the back of their throat by giving there mouth a moisture boost and coating of xylitol.


Zinc has been proven to help shorten the duration of a cold, but I was told a conference that the lozenge form is most effective. I use these lozenges, because they have zinc, vitamin c, AND elderberry. Friends they don’t taste great. Zinc never tastes good. But this blog isn’t about great tasting lozenges. Its about staying healthy and continuing on in that #momlife.

Sinus Rinses

I had sinus surgery in 2012, I’m way better now, but for some reason I don’t really enjoy a rinse anymore. I feel like at this point it gives me a sinus infection? I’m probably just waiting far too long in the congestion process. However, once again… Xlear does make a sinus rinse packet that to me is so much more soothing. You can kind of taste the sweetness. Here’s an actual picture from the side of the box that shows the reduction of bacteria per epithelial cell when using this rinse packet versus saline. You can buy a rinse bottle, I recommend NeilMed here.

Essential Oils


I’m sure you’ve seen your friends social media feeds blowing up about essential oils. Maybe you love them, maybe you hate them. Just trying to be inclusive of everything we do in our house. I use Young Living Thieves Blend. Put 10-15 drops in a roller ball and mix with some coconut oil. I rub it on the outside of my throat, behind ears, and down the back of my neck. So give a shout out to that person who has been blowing up your feed and ask them for info on Thieves!  Or shoot me a message, I can get you a Thieves pre-made roll on for $29.75 plus shipping if I have to ship it to you, or a 5 ml Thieves bottle for $14.75. These are the wholesale prices that I can offer to you. Message me if you just want to order it yourself and I can help you there too!

Emergen-C with Probiotic

I think the 1000 mg of vitamin C is a little over kill as your body just pees out any extra. So if you want super yellow pee while you are sick, then go for it. But this basic Emergen-C with a probiotic is great. Because gut health does have a lot to do with your overall health I think this is a much better option at supporting your immune health.

Whole Food Vitamin

Now remember what I said about staying hydrated and eating well. But when you have a sore throat the last thing you want to do is throw back some kale. So getting a whole food vitamin is helpful all the time but especially when you are sick. You should be able to get them at any local nutrition store or even Wal-Mart. I really like these because they are capsules. So you can open them up and put them in a smoothie and that’s a great way to know your kids (and husband) are getting the vitamins and nutrients that they need.

Okay guys, I know this is a lot. But when you are sick or have a sick family member the only thing you want to do is get them feeling better quicker and faster. So time for the disclaimer. These are not drugs, and since they are not drugs they are not evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration so you can’t say they cure anything. You should definitely still go to your health care provider if you are sick or have any concerning symptoms to make sure you do not need any actual good drugs.

But for now, order these items, stick ’em in your medicine cabinet and be ready when you feel that tickle in the throat, or get mucous in your eye or mouth from a small child, start loading up and supporting your immune system and find out which ones work for you and your family!! If you already sick then just go ahead and grab this fleece cozy robe from amazon from my pic too!

Now, back to dealing with my husbands EPIC man cold.


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