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Today was an amazing day. I really don’t know where my blog is going yet as I am just getting my feet wet but today was my first official blogging event. An Affair of the Heart Tulsa is a contemporary craft show that has two shows a year in Tulsa. The show is this weekend in Tulsa at the Expo Pavilion November 16th-18th. Saturday the 17th they will be open from 9 am to 6 pm and Sunday the 18th from 11 am to 5 pm. Tickets are $10.

This morning Lisa from Kazoo Marketing & Company hosted a wonderful breakfast for bloggers before the show opened to the public. They provided breakfast, a little history lesson about An Affair of the Heart, and a little swag bag with some items from some of the vendors. Samantha Ruble, the amazing blogger from  helped co-host the event and even put together an amazing holiday gift guide that is located in AAOTH program. You must check it out because she DID her research. She chose several booths with amazing products that would make fabulous gifts for your family and friends.

Make sure to grab a program so you can see the full gift guide with prices and booth locations.

An Affair of the Heart started in 1995 with 60 booths and about 800 visitors. This year there are 500 vendors and are expected to have 25,000 visitors! And these visitors mean BUSINESS. So bring your rolling cart, wagon, or large shopping bag and start throwing some elbows to get to the best stuff. I’m just kidding. Kind of. I mean when the doors opened and us bloggers were trying to get the right shot for the Gram there may have been an almost trample situation with 60 year old women and their carts. GET OUT OF THE WAY PEOPLE. Craft shoppers mean business. And those are the people we want there. Because An Affair of the Heart has a huge economic impact on the city of Tulsa, and so let there be shopping, and let Tulsa flourish!

I wanted to highlight some of the vendors that provided us with some complimentary products. There was no payment for me in this, just exchange of goods and I feel so appreciative for what they donated and it was amazing stuff I just want to share with you so as you head out this weekend and are interested in any of these products you know where to go and know that these are very generous vendors.

We were all given these adorable hand made journals made by the super talented Sara Brooks. So for that writer, sketcher, or organizer in your life these are so cute. Her website is Original Brooks. She is located at booth 282. This basic journal has nothing on some of the others she has to offer. Just beautiful.






The next feature is from the Soy Candle Cottage. I got a small hand poured soy candle scented with Christmas Wish. It smells AMAZING. There website is listed here. They are located at booth 301-302. Made in Oklahoma, two thumbs up and 75 gold stars from me.

Next, check out these amazing cards. These are by Treasured Possessions Presents and she does hand painted portraits of YOUR pet. She did one of Samantha’s dog that we were able to see during the breakfast and it was breath taking. I don’t know Samantha’s dog but I pretty much understood his whole personality by looking at the painting. It was incredible. You send her a photo of your pet by e-mail or text and provide a little bit of information about yourself and your relationship and Voila! A piece of art for your home that is meaningful and priceless. Because lets be honest, our animals are our family. It was so generous of her to give us these cards reproduced from some of her work, and that little puppy in the center with the Merry Christmas is just too much. I’m going to try to do some random acts of kindness and send these out to the people in my life that I love and appreciate with a written note. Because snail mail is often forgotten but oh so appreciated. Let me know if you want a note from me and which card image you would like me to send! You can find her website here. And her booth is #546.

Scott Farm donated some Chili Seasoning, with the slogan “For Olde Tyme Goodness.” Cannot wait to try this out on the next cold rainy football Saturday. And by me, I mean my husband make it and I eat it. Scott Farms is located in Piedmont, OK. YAY for supporting Oklahoma. I can’t wait to stop by this weekend again and see what other products they have. The website is and the booth is 601-603. WHAAA?? 3 booth spaces. These people must have some seriously good stuff.



So, I didn’t even realize this next special gem was in the bottom of my bag until I got home and my heart melted and exploded at the same time. We have not had the best week at our house, sickness, and then yesterday our house was robbed. (WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE). So we are feeling super sorry for ourselves and dealing with some mild depression and PTSD. But then 57 Blue Collections Boutique donated a small “Lucky Little Turtle” charm. This was a sign, I know it. My son loves turtles, I love turtles, all kinds, we think they are amazing and love spending time at the Oklahoma Aquarium flirting with their Loggerhead turtle. This little charm came with the sweetest little poem that stated, “A lucky little turtle especially for you, to bring you good luck the whole day through. A smile it carries and this special wish for days of sunshine and happiness.” Excuse me while I go sob for awhile. So thank you 57 Blue Collections, for restoring my faith in humanity today, and giving me some hope and joy when everything was feeling all sorts of wrong. This turtle means the world to me. 57 Blue Collection is a boutique that offers womens’s apparel, gifts, specialty coffees, and home decor. They are located in The Market at Walnut Creek on 81st and Harvard here in Tulsa. Here is a link to their Facebook page. You can find them located at booth 277.

Okay, last, but certainly not least was the sweetest woman, Nina Cason, of Farm Sweet Farm in Coweta, Oklahoma. They own their own goats and milk them to create the most wonderful soaps and lotions. All the bloggers were given a hand made soap and lotion to take home. I spoke with Nina, and after the holidays am planning on visiting their homestead with my kids so we can see and play with their precious goats (I’ve only heard wonderful things about sweet Florence) and see how their wonderful operation works. These soaps smell AMAZING. And her scents are so original and unique. I had to go back to work after the event and when I got in my car at the end of the day my entire car smelled HEAVENLY. Which is hard because it normally smells like smashed up granola bars and old smoothie cups that have hidden themselves underneath the seats. You can find her booth at #576.

 These amazing soaps also came home with me because I cannot resist Goat Milk Soap. Listen to these scents, “Oh Christmas Tree, Lumberjack, Apple Sage, Home for the Holidays, Fresh Linen, and Honeysuckle & Activated Charcoal.

So go buy yourself 5 for $25. These would make great stocking stuffers. Or if you have a friend or work holiday gift exchange before the holidays I would highly recommend “Oh Christmas Tree” or “Home for the Holidays.” This would be such a great soap to leave in the guest bath to truly impress your guests. If I can start smelling like Christmas for the next 6 weeks, count me in.


Here are a few more shots from her booth that is set up from An Affair of the Heart.

So, definitely do not miss out on this amazing event and get your Christmas shopping started and finished!

Thank you to Samantha for inviting me to this! Words can not describe how thankful I am to you for including me. And to all the fellow Tulsa Bloggers, thank you for being so welcoming and supportive. Blogging is a hard, and a TIME consuming job, its something that I truly do enjoy to do. It is so nice that these bloggers are truly inclusive of the saying “community over competition.” I look up to all of you, and have the utmost respect for you as hard working women. For when we build up our friends and their passions I feel that is when we truly succeed. I hope to do more things like this in the future!

And now….. to clean up dog vomit. Gots to go.


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