Fall Table Decor

Fall Table Decor

This past weekend we had my son’s baptism and hosted a brunch at the house afterwards. Since we recently just finished Halloween, yet Thanksgiving is just around the corner, what a perfect way to decorate a table than with an Autumn theme and left over pumpkins.

I have seen several local florists and Pinterest posts about making floral centerpieces with pumpkins. I had every intention of reading those and doing my research. But alas, I barely made it to Fresh Market before they closed to grab some fresh flowers. And I also had every intention of photographing and documenting the step by step process. But it wasn’t very glorious sitting on the floor of the garage while it was cold and raining at 10:30 pm the night before the brunch. So trust me in saying this was surprisingly easy and I pumped it out in 20 minutes. Thank God because my last minute planning could not handle if this had been a debacle.

This is all you need.

Some pumpkins, big or small, fresh flowers, carving and scooping tools (or a knife and a spoon), and floral foam. I picked up the floral foam for $1 at Dollar Tree.

  1. Cut the tops off the pumpkins and throw em in a trash bag, and then scoop out the seeds and throw them in there too.
  2. Trim the floral foam to fit into the pumpkin. I sprinkled a little bit of the flower food that came with fresh flowers in there too. Not sure if that was beneficial.
  3. Start trimming the flowers and placing them sporadically in the pumpkin.
  4. Top off with water.


I made two white pumpkins and one from a small green gourd. The gourd didn’t have a flat bottom so I had to prop it against the pumpkin to stay up but it still worked.

So next time you are at the store, grab a floral variety and try this with your left over pumpkins from Halloween! Maybe you will be lucky that some pumpkins will hold up until Thanksgiving because this would be beautiful then as well!

Here’s a full view of the table.

Most of the other directions are from Hobby Lobby. I used a rust colored leaf table runner, and then bought some burlap garland. I cut the burlap in half so there would be room for the centerpiece. Then I used some faux greenery to intertwine with the burlap and give it some color. I added some cute white mini pumpkins from the local pumpkin stand (I LOVE the tiny white ones so much) and some stick like pumpkin things I found in the Fall aisle of Hobby Lobby. I found these adorable blessed wooden cross ornaments in the Christmas section. I added John’s name to the front and the baptism date to the back. I used them as table decorations and then gave them out to family and God Parents as party favors.

The brunch turned out fabulous, we catered from Jimmy’s Egg which was affordable, delicious, and kid friendly. Thank you to our family and friends for helping us celebrate our sweet John William.




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