September 9, 2018

A Gathering Place for Tulsa

The Gathering Place Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Gathering Place is a new privately funded park opening in Tulsa on September 8th, 2018. The price tag for this $465 million park was funded primarily by the George Kaiser Foundation, with donations by many other local businesses and individuals.  The park will be donated to Tulsa River Parks but be run as a separate entity funded by its own endowment.  This is going to be an amazing and fun opportunity for Tulsa and I feel so lucky we get to call this place home! My husband works for Crossland Contsruction , which was the construction manager of this beautiful park. Crossland held their annual company picnic at the Gathering Place over the weekend which allowed for us to have a sneak peak of the park and I wanted to share it here with you guys! I am going to put as many helpful tidbits and pictures here but obviously once it opens I will go back and let you know how to most efficiently experience the park because i’m sure it will be crazy town!

Parking will be difficult at first I am sure. Here is the link to their recommendations for parking. I would recommend getting there early in the morning to beat the crowds and the heat.

Now for some pics!


Complete with a banana slide and a pear picnic table where you can enjoy your first Sprite with your sister.

Climbing flower pods, a bear hut, a wooden tractor and more!


This place is the claim to fame in my opinion! Make sure your kids (and yourself) wear long shorts so you don’t squeak along the metal slides.

This skywalk bridge is so fun! You can definitely spend the whole day on this piece alone!

You can spend all day on these spiral water features! Help your kids pump the water or if they are bigger watch their minds explode as the water triggers a whole series of actions below!

Elephant Slide

Just as much fun for kids and adults!


These amazing Blue Heron Slides are truly a piece of art and so much fun!!!

My kids love this location and this swing at the back is so fun and will swing so high! I had a blast!


This is such a fun place for even the youngest ones to run or crawl about! The ground is a rubber surface to help prevent scrapes and bumps! Just like a fun storybook!


Fun for kids and adults! Bring your swim suits!!!

We took more videos than pictures here. You can see my parents working hard on the teeter totter that then triggers several different water features high up in the air. Bring an extra pair of clothes or wear their swimsuit as the splash pad is on the opposite side of the park


Swing Hill is straight out of The Lorax Movie with all sorts of swings and fun sitting areas.

Go ahead and bring a picnic lunch, drinks and snacks and enjoy one of these funny sitting areas for a break from all the action!


Located near the lodge this a wonderful splash pad with areas to sit and watch your littles play as well as areas to climb up and see different view’s of the park.


Be careful going down this slide with little ones, especially with little ones and shoes on and with a parent. This slide screams a broken leg. Older kids will be fine. But kids going down slides with their parents can be a dangerous thing if their little leg gets stuck and your weight keeps on going. (Sorry for the side note medical rant).

There are many MANY more areas of the park to explore that we didn’t even get to. The Skywalk Forest is a wonderful area over by the playground for older kids where they can climb high up into the air. Just be careful at this point because they can actually climb over one of the side walks and end up in a different area than where you are that requires a little bit of a walk to get to unless you follow them through the climbing portion. I foresee children getting misplaced at this point especially if you have more than one child.

The Boathouse is absolutely stunning and has a beautiful outdoor space with tables and rocking chairs which is also a great place for a snack. They will serve food with dining available inside or outside. There will be kayaks and paddle boats to check out.

Peggy’s Pond is a beautiful pond surrounded by beautiful landscape and gardens. Enjoy this walk or throw those kids in the stroller for a quick rest before getting back to the beautiful main lodge and picnic area.

Personally, I am going to stay away for a little while and let the rush die down. But don’t forget to check out their 100 days of celebration and events.

The park opens September 8th, at 10 am. But there will be a Grand Parade at 8:30 am, if you don’t feel like venturing out, the parade will be televised!

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GET READY TULSA!!! This is about to be the most fun ever!!!!!!

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