Family Picture Time

I actually like the planning process of taking family pictures. It means taking a quick peek in everyone’s closet and then heading over to target or I usually have a piece in mind as a starting point. Usually that piece is something fun for Sadie to wear and then after that I coordinate everyone’s outfits from the one piece. Without being “too matchy,” finding 4-5 coordinating and contrasting colors based on your background makes for the perfect family picture! Creating a pinterest board is necessary for this project. And although you can search for family photos in pinterest it is better to actually pin things from the web into a custom created board so you can see how things will pair together.

Here is the link to my pinterest site for this blog shoot.

Now actually taking the photos is another story. Is this a nightmare to anyone else? First off it’s Oklahoma, so the weather never truly cooperates. It’s always way too hot. Secondly, getting everyone ready and napped and fed is just exhausting so if you show up without 1-2 glasses of wine in….then forget it. Otherwise, continue on and hope for the best. Before we even get out of the car I’m always sweating my ass off no matter how much deodorant I wear. Woah. I just realized de-odor-ant because I couldn’t figure out how to spell it for a second. Face palm. Annnyywhooo.

Luckily, I have an amazing friend who is a photographer…maybe she was our photographer first then our friend…it all happened so fast. She offered to take my maternity pictures when I was pregnant with Sadie, and I was like noooo….those are for skinny people with cute bumps. She told me her favorite picture of her mother was one where she was in her mom’s belly. And I thought about it and realized maybe its not about me and maybe it’s about my future daughter. Okay fine, lets do it. Of course the photos turned out INCREDIBLE. Talk about Oklahoma weather… it snowed!!!


I was so humbled by them and thus our family photography budget for the future quadrupled. She has been so patient with me and pushed my boundaries and probably a huge reason why I fell in love with photography and am now starting my own blog. Love you Natalie Boo.

Here’s a few from our summer photo sesh!

I fell in love with PinkBlush Maternity when I was pregnant and they also have all the same stuff in regular women sizes as well! This rust maxi had the perfect crochet trim detail to accent Sadie’s precious dress I got off Zulily. PinkBlush has regular sales of 20-30% off but my favorite is when they do additional 50% off sale items. Hello new wardrobe!

I’ll link Sadie’s dress here. It’s currently available in sizes 2, 8, and 10, but this link won’t work most of the time as their stuff comes in and out depending on their sales.





We chose the lovely Spain Ranch in Jenks, OK as our backdrop and it was beautiful! They were so helpful in setting up our photos and their beautiful white barn was the perfect back drop!

Russell lives in t-shirts and jeans for work. And had all his summer clothes in our pod as we were working on the house renovation so he got a little wardrobe refresh from Old Navy! Ever since having a girl, well even before then, he’s always been a trooper for sporting pink. John has been super into sharks and turtles, so I wanted to be able to express his personality in this precious chambray shirt from Gap Factory Outlet online. I love this picture of Sadie and the pure joy on her face.


Natalie offered me this shoot for free so I took a whack at editing them myself which is why they arn’t totally superb. So don’t blame her.

So look beyond by armpit sweat and I think these photos turned out really great. But because I like to keep it real, let’s not forget the outtakes!!!


Happy Monday Friends!


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