Fourth of July Fun!

Ok, first off, how is it July already. Maybe its because we are still living with my parents during house renovation and we don’t have all of our stuff. No decorations. No summer stuff. No things. But then again maybe it’s cause it was on a Wednesday and who has time to plan something for one day. Especially with two toddlers, on a school and work night. So now not only is it the Fourth of July but now its the week after. It also doesn’t help that my normal day off is Wednesday so it was basically just a normal week but also trying to pack in all the holiday related things in a day off. We are also trying to get all the major house renovations completed for move in this coming weekend so Russell has been extremely busy and missing.

Luckily my Mom’s neighborhood put on a last minute parade and cook-out that was the perfect holiday activity and directly in front of my mom’s house. The neighbors did an amazing job coordinating a firetruck to come lead the parade and all the kids got to decorate their bikes and trikes and follow behind the truck. We planned to be the big hit of the parade and drive our H3 Low Speed Vehicle with music and a bubble machine. Buuutttt it broke down the night before in my parents driveway. So there’s that.

Sadie was insistent on riding her Frozen BigWheel. However, she has been nothing but stubborn since we bought that for her 2.5 years ago and really just prefers to sit on it. We’ve never actually seen her ride it. But we let her decorate it and I carried it two blocks to the start of the parade in hopes this was the day, and it was!!!! YASSS!!! She did require a little push and assistance but we did it.

Here is the firetruck and amazing firemen that came out to the parade!


Getting parade ready. I love a good theme party and love that everyone gets dressed up in their best red, white and blue.

Here she is! Actually pedaling with a little help from Daddy! Thank goodness for Grandma rescuing us with Dollar Tree decorations. Look how white those tires are. Never been used!


We ended the Parade with everything American. Hot Dogs, chips, Coca-Cola and cupcakes. And the firemen even shot off their hose for a sprinkler! USA!


Waving bye-bye to the firetruck!!! Until next year! Not sure how the morning could have been better. Unfortunately I did not snap a picture of my dad, Grandpa, who may have single handly saved the parade by making an excellent July 4th playlist and carried his Jambox in the parade. Next to a marching band, his music was definitely second best.

We got to take naps while Russell went back to his long hours of house renovation. After nap I asked my Dad to snap a few pictures of my outfit, ya know, “for the gram.” My kids were still in nap clothes and since they are usually less than thrilled about saying “cheese,” I didn’t expect to include them. How dare me. They demanded to be in the photo so thus here we are in all of our 4th of July glory.

And this one for the Insta….

We ended the evening early at a cookout at Russell’s brother and fiance’s land where the kids enjoyed fresh picked apples and a quick swim.

Here is their dog Max, enjoying his best life in the pool.

We left about dusk as once again, a school night. And John was a little hesitant on the fireworks. The night continued on at 12:30 am when John threw up red and blue vomit all over my face. Happy 4th of July everyone, welcome to motherhood.


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