May 21, 2018

Gettin’ Started!

Ohh my gosh, what am I doing? Apparently I am starting a blog. Because I have so much free time in my life this is obviously what I should be doing. But seriously, I don’t really know why I feel the need to do this. Maybe it’s a way to put myself out there more, maybe its just a way to organize some thoughts and some ideas. I guess we will figure it out or it will blow up in my face. Either way.

So lets explain SoTul mom real quick. It’s a shortened version of South Tulsa Mom. This blog will be about our South Tulsa life but also much more. I hope to be able to share things and ideas that affect people locally with out actually just being a news print of whats happening in the area because lets be honest there’s google for that.

I am going to start blogging a little bit about everything and then kind of see where my interests and hobbies take me and go from there. So we will start with home renovation and design, party planning, health & fitness, attempting to parent, and maybe a little mom fashion thrown in there. Let me know what you like and love, and what’s boring and when to be quiet and stop trying to be too SoTul.

Let’s get this party started! What should we blog about first?!

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